Boiler Parts

When you need replacement parts for your boiler burner system, Wichita Burner is able to help. Our warehouse contains many of the boiler parts needed for routine maintenance, saving your business time. We carry hundreds of products by top notch manufacturers in the industry. If we don’t have it, we can get it. We can be your single source supplier.

A Partial List of Products We Sell

Electrical & Pneumatic Actuators
Automated Operation Panels for Ovens & Furnaces
Analyzers, Oxygen Trim Systems
Autoclaves, Pneumatic Panel Components
Pressure Gauges & Sensors
Blowdown Systems Pumps
Blower Regulators
Burner Control Systems, Speed Sensors
Burners –¬† Gas / Oil Switches Microprocessor
Burners Infrared Switches Differential Pressure
Burners Multi-purpose Switches – GAS / AIR Pressure
Deaerators, Temperature Sensors

Digital Control Programmers Thermostatic Elements
Dryers Ultraviolet Flame Detectors
Economizers U-Tube Manometers
Feed Systems Valves Control with Integral Operators
Filters Valves Flow Control
Flame Rod Holders & Assemblies Valves Gate
Flame Safeguards Valves Special Purpose
Incinerators Valves Pressure Operated
Kilns Valves Safety and Relief
Mechanical Control Instruments Valves Temperature Control
Microprocessor Based Process Controllers Valves, Butterfly
Monitoring Systems Chart Paper & Pens