Since 1955–Industrial Boiler Services-Wichita Burner-Burners Repair

Over 50 Years of Industrial Boiler Service & Repair

Wichita Burner, Inc. has been exclusively in the industrial boilers, burners, and controls business since 1955. Our experience as both a boiler parts and Industrial boiler service company has given us the insight needed to provide the best products and technical support to our customers. WBI is a growing company. We owe our success to our dedicated and highly skilled workforce. As we continue to grow we will add other quality individuals who will thrive in our fast paced, innovative environment, where the customer’s interest is always placed first. We pride ourselves on being aggressive but not at the expense of service or product quality. Our culture is to deliver what our customers want, when they want it, and at a fair price.

The Wichita Burner Mission

To provide a superior workplace environment, so we attract and retain the best employees in the industry, fostering an attitude that assures our customers receive safe, innovative, responsive and results oriented support and energy efficient products.